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Although Rhode Island already has policies that address coastal erosion and inundation, additional action will better equip Rhode Island for the future. SAMPs, which the CRMC is authorized to develop under the CZMA, are comprehensive plans providing for natural resource protection and reasonable coastal-dependent economic growth set forth in policies that are tailor-made to a certain area of the state.

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Volume I Table of Contents

Volume II Table of Contents

Public Process

As with other SAMP documents, the Beach SAMP will be reviewed by Technical Advisory Committees made up of researchers, industry and government representatives, followed by a public review and comment period before it can be adopted by the CRMC. Multiple reviews help ensure the SAMP document is scientifically accurate, meets regulatory requirements and is responsive to user and stakeholder needs and concerns.

For More Information

Rhode Island, through the CRMC, has a long history of creating SAMPs to effectively manage its coastline using the best science and extensive public involvement. For more information about other CRMC Special Area Management Plans visit the CRMC SAMPs page