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Resources to Inform Adaptation Planning & Actions


Resilient Communities: Natural Hazards & Climate Change Adaptation

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Watch a webinar on how to apply this guidance to your community.


A how-to guide on incorporating natural hazards planning and climate change adaptation into local comprehensive plans.










Sea Level Affecting Marsh Migration (SLAMM)


Statewide maps illustrating how salt marshes may migrate as sea level changes.

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View the final report here.


Adaptation to Natural Hazards & Climate Change in North Kingstown, RI

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A pilot project of how natural hazards & climate change planning and adaptation can be incorporated into local comprehensive plans.












Waterfront & Coastal Businesses

Staying Afloat: Adapting Waterfront Business to Rising Seas and Extreme Storms

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Proceedings from the 2014 Ronald C. Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium.













Catalog of Adaptation Techniques for Coastal and Waterfront Businesses

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A catalog of actions businesses can take to be more resilient to storms, flooding and sea level rise.











Newport Resilience Assessment Tour:  Newport Waterfront Overview Summary

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Overview of the risks and vulnerabilities of the Newport waterfront businesses and identifies a set of best management practices & actions to increase resiliency.













Residents & Coastal Property Owners

Rhode Island Coastal Property Guide

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What coastal property owners, renters, builders and buyers should know about the Rhode Island shoreline.